Our Compliments & Complaints Procedure

At Newlands, we believe that it should as easy as possible to let us know if you have a concern, if you want to register a complaint or even a compliment. That’s why we welcome all feedback from you, your family or a visitor, whether it’s positive or negative. It can be submitted in person or in writing as you prefer.

Be assured that we will treat anything you raise very seriously and use it as an opportunity to learn, adapt, improve and provide better services. We will not treat you any differently if you make a complaint.

Simply let us know if:

  • You’d like to compliment us on a recent experience you have had
  • You feel there’s an area where we could improve our services for you
  • Our services, staff or care have fallen short of your expectations
  • You have a concern about your treatment or care provision
  • You can discuss any matter with the Registered Manager at Newlands or a member of our senior management team who will try to work with you to rectify your concern

In response to written complaints we will:

  • Answer your complaint as soon as possible in a straightforward, openly and honest way
  • If we need to investigate your complaint further we will respond to you within 28 days where possible
  • Should you be unhappy with our response there is no need to write to us again to take your complaint further through any escalation procedure
  • We will provide a final decision in writing within 56 days of receiving your complaint, unless we have agreed a later deadline with you
  • Should someone else be acting on your behalf we will cooperate in the same way

Please contact us at General Manager@newlandsofstow.co.uk for copy of our complaints form, or download a copy of the form here.

If you feel that your complaint has not been satisfactorily resolved please feel free to contact the relevant Ombudsman Service given below:

We will co-operate fully with the Ombudsman Service during any investigation and comply fully with the resulting decision, which will be binding on us.

Complaints should be addressed to:
Lucy Biggs
Director of Property Sales
Castle House
69-70 Victoria Street
Englefield Green
TW20 0QX

Tel: 07917 354177/01784 471471 

Email: lucy.biggs@castlehouse.org

In relation to care issues only, you may wish to contact the Care Quality Commission. Please note that while the Commission uses complaints to inform its inspection regime, it does not provide the redress service offered by the Local Government Ombudsman.

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