• No one really knows where April Fool’s Day came from. It has been celebrated in the UK since the 19th century, but some believe it originated much earlier here as it was mentioned by Geoffrey Chaucer in the 14th century. Another theory is that it came from France and Holland in the 1500s.
    Wherever it originated, we all enjoy a good April Fool’s gag, and here are some of the best

    The Swiss spaghetti harvest
    Richard Dimbleby was the arch prankster in this 1957… Read More

  • Whatever the weather or season you’ll see our gardener, Ian Bryant, out and about keeping our formal gardens, displays and grounds in beautiful blooming order. Twenty years of horticultural experience means his fingers are decidedly green so who better to give you some helpful gardening top tips for spring. Over to you Ian:

    Now the days are getting longer and the weather is getting warmer there’s no doubt that it’s almost spring! It’s the perfect time to start planning your summer… Read More

  • How two of our residents found their move to Newlands.

    Retired Royal Navy Submarine Commander, Martin Bourdillon, wife Patricia, and their doe-eyed lurcher Zoe moved to Newlands around eighteen months ago. They live in an elegant three-bedroom detached Cotswold stone cottage set in corner of the delightful formal gardens. So what led to them deciding to make the move in the first place, how was the whole process and what do they think of Newlands having settled in? It makes… Read More

  • We all love the excitement of the Cheltenham Festival at Newlands - and it’s so near to us that, in normal years, some of us would be there in person too. 

    But bet you didn’t know this! We actually have an even closer racing connection. 

    Our amazing Newlands concierge, Sue Bellamy, has not just one but two successful jockey sons. 
    Her eldest son Tom, has certainly had a landmark year. He’s celebrating over 100 winners since his first win at Cheltenham on… Read More

  • Who doesn’t like to celebrate St Patrick’s Day.

    With things being a little bit different this year, the lovely folk at Tourism Ireland have found a way for us all to enjoy the day from the comfort of our own homes.

    This year St Patrick’s Day is online and everyone is invited.

    Enjoy St Patrick’s Day from the comfort of your own home!

    We will all be able to enjoy a festival of Irish culture from three of Ireland’s best-loved pubs, Jonnie Fox’s in Dublin… Read More

  • This Sunday is Mothering Sunday or Mother’s Day where we celebrate the beauty of maternity.

    Whilst we are all used to organising flowers, making breakfast in bed and fancy afternoon teas, totally spoiling Mum, Mothering Sunday originally had nothing to do with her!

    Mothering Sunday originated as a religious event in the 16th Century.  The word ‘mothering’ actually referred to the ‘mother church’, the cathedral or the main church where they were baptized in the region. On… Read More

  • March is National Bed Month. Sleep is important, in fact, the average person spends around 26 years sleeping in their lifetime, including a shocking seven years trying to get to sleep!

    A good night’s sleep plays an essential role for a healthy mind and a healthy body. But it can be difficult for a lot of people especially in these uncertain times. The seven years is an average, so it could be much longer for some people.
    Here are some tips from the Sleep Council, to help you… Read More

  • 'Do the little things' were some of St David's last and most poignant words. 
    Happy St David's Day to all our Welsh friends and colleagues.
    St David said that the little things you do can be just as important as the grand gestures. 
    At Newlands, we believe it is all about the little things that make life that little bit smoother. Anticipating what would make someone's day a little bit more enjoyable and memorable. At Newlands nothing is too much trouble. … Read More

  • It’s Fairtrade… Read More

  • The idea of downsizing often has such negative connotations. You move from your current home to a smaller residence. You get rid of furniture and possessions that will no longer fit into your new space. 

    But what if you looked at it in a different way? 

    Rightsizing your life can be seen as an active, positive choice that opens up a world of new possibilities for you and creates a lifestyle that improves your quality of life. 

    To put it another way,… Read More