Meet Abbie and Kira, they’re taking caring to a new level

Submitted by MattAllen on Mon, 05/31/2021 - 14:06

Abbie and Kira have worked at Newlands for around seven years as Healthcare Assistants. “It feels like a family here’, says Abbie,” You get close to all the people, that’s why it’s a lovely place to work. I had worked for an agency before but wanted to build relationships with the residents because it’s so much more fulfilling.” Kia shares her view,” I worked in childcare after leaving school but always thought this would be a nice place to work and I was right. It’s all about the residents, that’s what you’re here for and you form a real bond.”

Constant improvement and opportunities

“Newlands is always looking to improve the level of service we offer and the quality of care. It’s why we both were helped to apply for a Nursing Apprenticeship course by Heather, our Home Manager,” Abbie explained.

“It was amazing really, because out of the 300 who applied overall, we were two of the 25 accepted. And, apart from one other person, all the rest came from a hospital setting. That says a great deal about what Newlands stands for in our book.

We’ve just completed our foundation degree year and are now starting our two-year course. It will take a further 18 months on top of that to become a graduate registered nurse. We undertake academic learning one day a week and work-based learning for the rest of the week. 

By working at Newlands you do so much more than by working in a hospital. It gives us a wider range of responsibilities and scope, we learn about dressings, wound care and palliative care for example. It also gives you more time to build relationships which is equally important for the emotional well-being of our residents.”

“You should have seen the residents’ reaction when we came back in a different uniform as Nurse Associates,” continued Kira,” They had faith that we would do well in our foundation year and were picturing what kind of nurses we will eventually become, asking how it had been and wishing us good luck with our next set of tests which will be maths. We’re going to help each other study because we’re determined to pass first time.”

Great care and great people

“ When you give people such personal care you learn so much from them as they tell you the most fascinating things about their lives.” concluded Abbie, from being famous dancers, inventors or esteemed surgeons. It all impacts on you”